Workshop at UNDERSTORY Plant Lab in Brooklyn

April 28, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
99 Scott
99 Scott Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

“10 Insights into the Unseen World” – an illustrated talk

The talk will contain excerpts from Eugenia Bone’s new book, Microbia, which explores how microbes, or, microscopic organisms, are the hidden force behind so much in our lives — bridging the nonliving and living spheres of Earth, creating our atmosphere and fueling our own cells, making soil, feeding and defending plants, feeding and defending us, defining families, nucleating rain, and cooling oceans.

Ticket Price: FREE with purchase of event ticket entry.
Books will be available for purchase.

UNDERSTORY is a plant lab, urban ecology event and workshop series to be held in Brooklyn, New York on April 28 & 29, 2018. Providing information, tools and unique experiential lessons to New York City residents about the natural environment that surrounds them, UNDERSTORY will inspire participants to engage with their city ‘from the ground up.’
Through hands-on workshops, a makers’ bazaar and citizen science fair, tours, and plant sale, the two-day event will be an interactive showcase of living local economies, urban ecologies, and botanical explorations.
Our programming partners are an expansive and inclusive group of thinkers and doers who are stewards of the urban landscape. We will gather naturalists, botanists, artists, chefs, educators, floral designers, and more to discuss and share opportunities for daily engagement with nature in the city.
UNDERSTORY aims to gather a broad audience— with programming meant to engage and connect diverse sectors of the city: amateur and experienced plant enthusiasts, as well as anyone who is curious about our regional natural landscape.
For more information, or to reach out about potential areas of overlap, please contact us at

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