4/11    Connecticut Mycological Society, “Insights into the Unseen World”
   Mid-Hudson Mycological Association “Insights into the Unseen World”
2/9    New York Botanical Garden, “Microbes in the Garden”
2/4    Sheffield Garden Club, “The Mycobiome of the Garden”
1/28    92nd Street Y, New York:  Panel on “Tasting Italy”


12/9    New York Microscopy Society “The Ecology of Microbes”
11/9    CUNY Macauley Seminar Class – “The Microbiome of the Garden”
10/16    Missouri Botanical Garden – “The Microbiome of the Garden”
10/15    Missouri Mycological Society – “The Kitchen Mycologist”
9/10   GenSpace, Brooklyn, NY.  “Citizen + Scientist: A Journey Into the Unseen World Around You”
8/25   Inspired Symposium, Art at Work: Action for prosperity, protection, and perseverance – Paonia CO  “Insights into the Unseen World”  Featured Speaker at the [link]
8/23   Boulder Bookstore, Boulder, CO
8/22   Grand Mesa Arts Center, CO “Our Microbial Allies: What Would We Do Without Them?”
8/18   Telluride Mushroom Festival “Insights into the Unseen World”  [link]
8/17   Telluride Mushroom Festival Cooking with Mushrooms 2
8/16   Telluride Mushroom Festival Cooking with Mushrooms 1
8/9   Bookworm of Edwards, CO “Insights into the Unseen World”
8/8   Tattered Cover, Littleton CO “Insights into the Unseen World”
8/7   Boulder Bookstore “Insights into the Unseen World”
7/25  The New York Public Library – Microbia: Eugenia Bone with Julie Wolf
7/18   Bryant Park, NY, Author Talk with host Julie Wolf: One Thing Leads to Another
7/16   North Castle Public Library, Armonk, NY: “Microbia: A Journey Into the Unseen World Around You”
5/22   Book Passage “Insights into the Unseen World”
5/7   New York Mycological Society “Insights into the Unseen World”
5/3   Cultivating Place: “There’s More to Life Than Meets the Eye”  [PODCAST]
5/1    Atlanta Botanical Garden – Alston Lecture: “The Microbiome of the Garden”
5/2   Georgia Mycological Society: “The Kitchen Mycologist”
4/30   Georgia Center for the Book, Decatur Library Auditorium: “Microbia: A Journey Into the Unseen World Around You”
4/19   Connecticut Horticultural Society: “The Mycobiome of the Garden”
3/16   Colorado Public Radio

Keynote speaker, Midwest Women’s Herbal Mushroom Retreat
6/15   The Northwest Mushroomers Association
6/14   Snohomish County Mycological Society Meeting
6/13   Puget Sound Mycological Society Annual Meeting
5/20   Utica College Science Center: “Mycophiles”
5/19   Bushel Collective in Delhi, NY: “The Kitchen Mycologist” illustrated talk
3/20   NY Mycological Society: “Mycophiles”

  AESOP product launch: “Mycophilia”
9/2   Paonia Library: “The Kitchen Mycologist”
5/17   Mycological Society of San Francisco: Keynote Speaker at the General Annual Meeting:
“Mycophiles: Festivals, Forays, and the Company of Mushroom Hunters”
5/16   Los Angeles Mycological Society: “Mycophiles”
4/11   The New York Horticultural Society Emil Lang Lecture Series: “Mycophiles”
2/28   Riverow Bookshop, Owega: “Your Kitchen Ecosystem”
2/27   Susquehanna Valley Mycological Society: “Mycophiles”

1/28   PS 10, Brooklyn, NY “Intro to Mycology”
3/6   Marcel’s Cooking School, Chicago “Finding the Best Flavor in What You Usually Throw Away” and demo
3/7   The Book Cellar, Chicago, book signing
3/9   The Chopping Block, Chicago “Make Your Kitchen Self-Sustaining” and demo
6/1   South Carolina Mycological Society “Mycophiles”
6/2   Georgia Center for the Book “It’s Not Food Waste, It’s Wasted Food”
6/3   Mushroom Club of Georgia “Mycophiles”
7/27   Mid-Manhattan Library, New York City  “It’s not Food Waste, it’s Wasted Food.”
8/14   Keynote Speaker at the Telluride Mushroom Festival – August 13-16
8/21   Eagle Mushroom & Wild Food Festival – August 21-23
8/22   Book Presentation and Demo in Steamboat Springs, CO
8/23   Book Presentation at Book Bar in Denver, CO
10/23   Eugenia Bone: Keynote Mushroom Festival Speaker, Cascade Mycological Society, OR

1/9   SOMA, CA cooking demonstration
1/10   SOMA, CA “The Kitchen Mycologist”
2/24   Oregon Mycological Society “Adventures on the Mushroom Circuit”
4/6   Eastern Pennsylvania Mycological Society “Adventures on the Mushroom Circuit”
6/16   Rubin Museum “Yartsa Gumba, the Tibetan Caterpillar Mushroom”
8/17-18   Guest chef PJ’s Restaurant, Hotchkiss, CO
9/25   Denver Botanical Gardens “The Perpetual Pantry”
9/26   Denver Botanical Gardens, cooking demonstration
11/20   Laurelwood Booksellers, Memphis, Book signing
11/22   Memphis Farmer’s Market, cooking demonstration


Eugenia speaking at the 2013 Shroomfestival in Telluride on ” Kitchen Mycology”. Click image to view on YouTube.

1/12   Via Vante, NY 1/12 “Truffles”
2/4   Illinois Mycological Club 2/4 “Introduction to Mycology”
2/5   Wisconsin Mycological Society “Adventures on the Mushroom Circuit”
2/25   Horticultural Society of NY “The Mushroom Garden”
5/7   New York Public Library “The Kitchen Mycologist”
5/14   Boulder Edge Garner’s, Bronxville “The Mushroom Garden”
6/23   Via Vante, NY “Wild Mushrooms”
6/29   Hudson Farmer’s Market, book signing, preserving advice
8/14   Denver Public Library “The Kitchen Mycologist”
8/17   Telluride Mushroom Festival “The Kitchen Mycologist”
8/17   Telluride Mushroom Festival chef’s competition judge
10/9   Bedford Audubon Society “Introduction to Mycology”
11/5   Washington Mycological Society “The Kitchen Mycologist”
11/10   New Jersey Mycological Society “Adventures on the Mushroom Circuit”

1/14   Keynote Speaker SOMA, CA “Adventures on the Mushroom Circuit”
3/4   Aldrich Museum “Introduction to Mycology”
3/7   Memphis Garden Club “The Mushroom Garden”
3/7   Laurelwood Booksellers, Memphis “Adventures on the Mushroom Circuit”
3/11   Philadelphia Flower Show, cooking demonstrations
3/31   Stone Barns Center “Introduction to Mycology”
4/22   Colorado Spring Chorale Chef’s Gala judge
5/1   Culinary Historians of NY, “Mushrooms in Culture”
5/4   Food Book Fair “About the NYMS”
5/6   Via Vante, NY “Morels”
5/9   Daily Meal “Wild Mushrooms”
5/24   Book Passage, SF “Mycophilia”
6/6   COMA, CT “Mycomuddles”
8/7   Glenwood Spring Garden Club “The Mushrooms Garden”
8/8   Glenwood Springs Farmer’s market “Preserving 2.0”
8/12   Kelly Liken Restaurant “Mycophilia”
9/9   Mushroom Festival, PA cooking demonstration
10/3   Rhode Island Gardening Club “The Mushroom Garden”
10/7   Poor Richards, CO “Introduction to Mycology”
10/4   Syracuse Mushroom Club “Introduction to Mycology”
10/27   Tech Munch, PA panelist
11/10   Boston Mycological Society “Introduction to Mycology”
11/14   Bronxville Working Gardeners, NY “The Mushroom Garden”