Eugenia Bone

Eugenia Bone is an internationally known food and nature writer whose work has appeared in many anthologies, magazines, and newspapers. She is a member of the faculty at the New York Botanical Garden where she teaches classes on mycophagy and psychedelic mushrooms. She is the author or co-author of nine books on food and biology, including the category staple Mycophilia, and most recently, Have a Good Trip: Exploring the Magic Mushroom Experience (October, 2024). She has been nominated for or won a variety of awards, including a James Beard Award. Eugenia is featured in the documentary directed by Louie Schwartzberg, Fantastic Fungi (2019), and in the Netflix children’s show about food, Waffles + Mochi (the mushroom episode) produced by Michele Obama’s Higher Ground Productions.

photo of Eugenia Bone by Susan Hornyak , 2024


Exploring the Magic Mushroom Experience

by Eugenia Bone

Flatiron Books – Macmillan Publishing
320 Pages – ISBN 978-1-250-88565-4

Have a Good Trip describes all the ways we use Psilocybe mushrooms today, from collection to preparation, from harms to trip types, and the self-organized groups whose experiments are leading the science. It covers mycology and
neuroscience, but in great part this book synthesizes the vast trove of anecdotal experiences that constitutes most of what we know about the “magic” in these mushrooms. Have a Good Trip is not a guide, but it does address all the questions the mushroom curious might have.

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8th Annual
Women’s Mushroom Conference


Waffles + Mochi

Eugenia Bone appears in the mushroom episode of Michele Obama’s new children’s show.

Fantastic Fungi

I’m featured in Fantastic Fungi, a hugely popular documentary film about fungi and their role in the health of soil, plants, and humans. Louis’ film helped launch the national mushroom craze and continues to influence audiences worldwide.

February 20, 2022

For The Love of Mushrooms With Eugenia Bone

People’s Pharmacy
Febraury 8, 2022

Show 1288: Culinary and Medicinal Properties of Fantastic Fungi.


The Splendid Table
January 21, 2022

Episode 749: The Magnificent Mushroom


BBC Radio
January 7, 2022

Fungi: The New Frontier.
Down the Rabbit Hole.

Fantastic Fungi: Community Cookbook

Edited by Eugenia Bone; recipes by the Fantastic Fungi community

Featuring 100 mushroom-centric recipes written by the people who know mushroom cooking best: mushroom lovers! These are the kinds of recipes you will cook for dinner: simple, family-friendly recipes representing ethnicities from all over the world.

Fantastic Fungi

How Mushrooms Can Heal, Shift Consciousness, and Save the Planet

An awe-inspiring visual journey through the exotic, little-known realm of fungi and its amazing potential to positively influence our lives.


A Journey into the Unseen World Around You

A microbiology primer that takes the layman on a broad survey of the role of microbes in nature and illustrates their importance to the existence of everything: atmosphere, soil, plants, and us.


Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms

In Mycophilia, Eugenia Bone examines the role of fungi as exotic delicacy, curative, poison, and hallucinogen, and ultimately discovers that a greater understanding of fungi is key to facing many challenges of the 21st century.