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Trees share resources through fungi networks, support seedlings and are generous even in death. By Eugenia Bone [link]

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Participated in the series “INTERCONNECTED: The Power to Heal from Within” [link]

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2/25-2/27  Participated  in Wellness Your Way, a show from True Spirit Health


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(if you are not a WSJ subscriber you can Google “WSJ Eugenia Bone Sugar a Matter of Life and Death” and the link to the full article will be the first result)

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(if you are not a WSJ subscriber you can Google “WSJ Eugenia Bone What to Give: Food Books” and the link to the full article will be the first result)

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(if you are not a WSJ subscriber you can Google “WSJ Eugenia Bone Playing the Market” and the link to the full article will be the first result)

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(if you are not a WSJ subscriber you can Google “WSJ Eugenia Bone Taste is not destiny” and the link to the full article will be the first result)

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In past years, and for some of these shows, multiple times: Leonard Lopate, “Splendid Table,” WGXC, KGNU, “This Way Up” Radio New Zealand, KSRO “Good Food Hour,” KCRW “Good Food,” KWMR, WOR “Weekend Food Talk,” WNYC “Last Chance Foods,” WNYC “All Things Considered,” KQED, Martha Stewart Radio “Morning Living,” Town & Country, Conde Nast Traveler, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes Life, Food & Wine, Saveur, Edible Magazines…